Dental Emergencies

Inspired Dental in Windermere, FL

Dental Emergencies

Dental EmergenciesDental emergencies can occur at any place or time, and immediate treatment is often essential to reducing pain, limiting damage, and/or preventing future complications. At Inspired Dental, Dr. Puerto can assist you or your family member in a dental emergency, during our regular office hours. We are fully aware of the importance of timely evaluation and treatment in the event of an emergency, and our team can either treat urgent cases right away or refer you to someone in the area who can assist you as soon as possible.

The term “dental emergency” can be used to describe a variety of oral issues, including:

  • Extreme pain relating to the jawbone
  • Intense tooth or gum pain
  • Blunt trauma to the mouth
  • Teeth that have been loosened or knocked out
  • Bleeding in the gums that will not cease
  • Broken and/or severely damaged teeth
  • Acute tooth sensitivities to hot and/or cold temperatures
  • Infection and/or a tooth abscess

These are just a few of the many instances that can be characterized as a dental emergency.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency of any sort, please do not delay in calling our office at (407) 707-8205.