Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

Bone GraftingA dental bone graft is a procedure that aims to increase the density and volume of the jawbone. It is necessary when the bone is too thin to support dentition or a restoration, typically an implant. This can happen because of bone loss. The main causes are:

  • aging,
  • missing teeth,
  • genetic or developmental defects,
  • untreated periodontal disease, and
  • a worn-down alveolar ridge (e.g. due to an ill-fitting denture).

Therefore, it is typically recommended in three situations:

  • directly after tooth extraction: to prevent the bone from being reabsorbed by the body
  • in patients with untreated gum disease: to increase the chances of keeping loose teeth, and
  • before dental implantation: to prepare a stable base for tooth restoration.

The bone grafting It is composed of minerals that trigger your body to grow new bone which will over time, cause your body to deposit, and build bone itself. The grafting material comes from different sources and is processed by a laboratory to ensure that is clean and sterile.

Once the bone graft has been placed, it is usually then covered with a thin membrane that acts as a framework for the new bone to be deposited upon.

The process of bone grafting can help to restore bone and allow for improved appearance and better dental outcomes.

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